Need help in Getting Unstuck? Move forward in your life & career with a results-oriented push!

If you are stuck, Deborah Johnson can help you with positive steps to get unstuck! Deborah has been a professional entertainer for years and has successfully kept working in a very competitive field, re-inventing herself a number of times. She knows what it takes to run a business, create product that sells and balance life. She can help you and your organization with positive pro-active steps to move forward, all with an infectious smile and candid humor. Keynotes, concerts and workshops available for corporate, women’s and church events.

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Reach your potential! Reinvent your life and career! Define your strengths! Deborah loves to inspire you to move forward in getting unstuck!

Deborah uses her special gifts of music and entertaining to motivate, inspire and capture your imagination in ways that not only touch the mind, but the heart. Contact Deborah today with any questions or inquiries! She can’t wait to be with your organization or event! If you are stuck and find yourself at a point where you need to reinvent your life, Deborah can help you! Hire Getting Unstuck Motivational Speaker and Artist Deborah to speak and perform at an event or company function.

Reach your potential! Feeling stuck can leave you feeling alone, isolated, abandoned, and ultimately confused about the decision of your next life move. Deborah encourages and inspires with a results-oriented push with principles that work! She has appeared on many large and small stages all across the U.S. and Europe.

I understand the pressures of being a superwoman in today’s society. To be a superwoman, you balance a home, career changes, kids, a spouse (or other significant relationship) and life in general. That covers what most women handle, as they carry a superwoman load in life!

Deborah loves to inspire and motivate her audiences to move forward and reach their goals.
Deborah is not only a speaker and coach, but a concert pianist, vocalist and composer who uses music in her presentations to not only reach the mind, but the heart.
Deborah also has a Masters Degree and has taught every level through graduate school. She is also a prolific author and composer.
Deborah is a keynote speaker and also books headline concerts for corporate and performing arts events. She mainly does fly-outs from her base in the Southern California area.

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Play it Again

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Every child should have the opportunity to learn the basics of music, preferably on a piano or keyboard…Deborah
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Inspiring Audiences to Focus on their New Story!

  • Focus on Abilities and Opportunities
  • Focus on Truth and Freedom
  • Focus on Friends
  • Focus on Endurance
  • Focus on Taking a Chance

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Questions? Contact Deborah now!

Available for Corporate, Concert and Inspirational Events

Check out Deborah’s books and music. Don’t hesitate to contact us for available dates and questions! Your needs and getting unstuck are our focus!Questions? Contact Deborah now!

What do audiences have to say about Deborah?

With charisma, candor and incredible talent, Deborahwows her audiences time and time again!

Deborah is a uniquely qualified speaker and author!
Audiences everywhere
Better than Brightman…Not just great, dynamite!
Audience Members, Boynton Beach, Florida
Most graceful singer/pianist I’ve ever witnessed…Your voice goes anywhere you direct it to go and your playing is accurate, clean and crisp. You also have wonderful dignity and humor. I knew you were good, but you are so much more!
Richard Alan Woody, Original Director for the FANTASTICS